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Why a summit? Why now? 

Now is the time for courage, collaboration, and action.

The ground is shifting beneath our feet and things aren't getting any easier. Our sector and the communities we serve are under tremendous pressure.

Now more than ever we need to work together to overcome our shared challenges.

This summit is about lighting a fire that can fuel our work into the future- to bring forward our shared challenges and kick off some work together to solve them… collaboratively.

    National perspective, imperative for human services collaboration

We'll start the day with a keynote by Susan Dreyfus - President and CEO of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities about the imperative for joining forces to strengthen our sector.

Amid growing concern about the precarious financial state of the social sector, the Alliance has launched a national initiative with the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) to develop an understanding of how to strengthen community-based human services organizations.

Susan will share a national perspective on the imperative for our work here and how we can forge a path forward amidst the challenges and fear we all are currently facing.


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What will the day look like? 

This summit is about getting connected

Facilitators from the Future Services Institute will help create the space and opportunity for members to hear from one another, to learn from one another, and to make the connections that make collaboration possible. Learn who's in your network and the powerful connections you share.


This summit is about taking ownership of our shared future.

This is not a conference. We'll be working together to tackle some of the big issues our network and sector face. Identify the new ideas, solutions, and opportunities that will help your network create sustainable change and lasting impact.

Ready to get to work?


  • Building Connections: All kinds of organizations join MACC for all kinds of reasons. Using collective story harvesting we’ll bring together our different stories to explore the deep, diverse expertise in our network, and to understand all the ways we intersect, and how this powerful group of organizations fits together.


  • Jump-starting Design and Action: We'll use a design labs approach to uncover shared challenges and bring forward fresh ideas. Working together, we’ll leverage MACC’s network, our expertise, passion, and creativity, to build strategies, find opportunities, and give momentum to bold, transformative solutions.

 Check out this short video from our facilitators about what they have in store for us at the Summit! 

About Future Services Institute:

The Future Services Institute's mission is to advance human services into the 21st century. A part of the U of MN Humphrey School of Public Affairs, the Future Services Institute brings their expertise and creativity to work in human service innovation to community-based nonprofits and across sectors.


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  What's in it for you?

This is not a conference - this is a chance to do work together and create space for members to continue to build the connections that make collaboration possible.

What are you passionate about in your work? Do you have a challenge you know others share? See possibilities about ways to leverage the MACC network?

Bring it to the table.

By taking your seat at MACC's Member Summit you will:
  • Leave with meaningful connections with leaders in the MACC network. This is more than networking.

  • Incubate new ideas. Find inspiration, Help create new ways to leverage the power of MACC.

  • Anticipate what's ahead. Deepen your understanding about the future of our sector.

  • Fight fear with action. Create hope in your work by forging paths alongside your MACC colleagues.
  Who should attend?

Who should be at the Summit:
  • MACC CEOS/EDs - Your role as leaders in our network is critical and your seat at the table is essential.

  • MACC senior and director leadership - Your knowledge and expertise is an asset and invaluable to the work ahead.

  • MACC engaged members - You've been engaged in the MACC network already; your contribution to the work is critical

  • MACC emerging leaders - Leadership is a choice. You've got a passion for collaboration and ideas that can take our network into the future

Ready to be bold? Let's get to work!

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