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MACC Zooms In: Things are still moving at warp-speed. During this rapidly evolving crisis, it's more important than every that we stay connected. In our virtual "MACC Zooms In" sessions we bring our network together to connect, talk with each other, hear from experts, and discuss the issues and challenges they're facing.


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NEW: MACC Zooms In On: Managing Our Mental Health in a Persistent Pandemic

We're all doing our best to navigate the emotional whiplash of a pandemic that feels permanently in flux. We’ve been relying on "surge capacity" to carry us through (that temporary burst of energy and clarity you pull on in a crisis), but what happens when that fresh start you were counting on continues to be just out of reach?

Join MACC and NAMI MN, Monday, October 18th from 2 - 3 pm for a MACC Zooms In session focused on giving us strategies to realistically manage the mental health impacts of a persistent pandemic without becoming permanently pessimistic. As human services professionals who continue to be on the front-lines of the concurrent health, economic, and racial justice crises facing our communities, it’s critical that our mental health needs are acknowledged and addressed.


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Catherine Christiansen, Employee Wellness Educator, NAMI MN

ACatherine provides mental health education to employers in our community, supporting employees mental health and wellbeing. A long time community advocate, Catherine is passionate about supporting those with mental illnesses and substance use disorders. 
Catherine's background includes corporate and non-profit organizational support and training, in the areas of substance misuse, and health and wellbeing for adults, children, and families.  Catherine holds a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University, College of Human Ecology, focusing on business and sociology.  Catherine is committed to NAMIs mission because of her son's experience dealing with depression, and anxiety.




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