MACC Zooms In On: Program Adaptation

E-Goodie Bag: MACC Zooms In On: Program Adaptation During COVID-19

Dear MACC Zooms In Attendee

Thank you so much for joining Thursday's conversation and for trying out this new format with us! We've learned a lot that can help make future “Zoom In” sessions stronger.

If you would like to provide further feedback or suggest a topic for a future Zoom In session - please click here for our after session survey.

Below is an E-Goodie Bag of resources from the conversation.

Your Zoom In Session E-Goodie Bag:

MACC Zooms In Recording: if you want to view a recording of this MACC Zooms In session click here. *Breakout rooms are not recorded, but the post-breakout report back is included. 

MACC Zooms Out Conversation Harvest: thank you to everyone who shared insights and learnings from the breakout rooms. Now we're able to share back a summary with all attendees to extended our collective learning! Click here

Additional Resources and Links (Resharing):

Tools from our partner Nonprofit Finance Fund: 

Other links and resources:


Thanks again for joining us! if you have any questions about the content of this email please let us know.


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