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Everyone has the right to well-being. We envision a future where individuals and families live in strong, healthy, vibrant, and equitable communities. Where everyone has high quality housing, healthy food, robust healthcare, equitable education, excellent child and elder care, accessible transportation, nearby community centers, and neighborhood spaces to gather in and enrich their lives. Where everyone is safe. Where resources are abundant and equitably distributed. Where people are engaged in their communities, feel a sense of belonging, participate in decision-making, are represented in leadership by those who share their values and identities, and are able to freely pursue their aspirations and interests.

We believe human services nonprofits play a vital role in building and fighting for the future we envision. They are of, by, and for their community. They provide vital access to resources such as stable housing, healthy food, and mental and physical healthcare. They offer safe physical spaces for individuals and families to connect with one another and build community. They provide programs and services that support people of all ages in their pursuit of education, employment, and enrichment. They seek change by advocating for the individuals, families, and communities they serve in the pursuit of equity, dignity, and well-being.


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MACC makes collaboration real. We leverage the collective wisdom and power of our network of human services nonprofits to develop new structures and solutions in order to solve complex problems and build a more equitable society.


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IDEA at MACC is an acronym that stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility.


MACC believes that human services organizations should be of, by, and for the community. They should be tools to build strength, solidarity, and care for one another.

We also believe that the need for human services is too often a result of systemic racism and other intersecting forms of oppression, and that human service nonprofits have a responsibility to resist those systems of oppression and not uphold them.

MACC believes that everyone has the right to well-being.

MACC commits to trust and center the experiences of community members with lived experience and those working to dismantle oppressive systems.

MACC commits to ongoing learning and progress. Our IDEA journey is continually re-beginning; we will make mistakes, we will not reach perfection, we will hold each other accountable, and we will courageously keep trying.

MACC commits to working in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latine, and all other marginalized people to resist systems of oppression in human services and in our connected communities.

MACC commits to allocating tangible resources to make IDEA part of the fulfillment of our mission.


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