Strategic Framework


MACC Strategic Framework



MACC's mission is to build the connections, collective expertise, and collaborative solutions that strengthen member organizations and maximize our collective impact for the individuals, families, and communities we serve.

Visionary Proposition

MACC believes that organizations which collaborate with one another propel their work to greater impact. Working together, our member organizations serve individuals, families, and communities more effectively.



Collaboration: Know we're better together

Relationship-driven: Continually build connections to achieve more

Courage: Push past what's comfortable for greater impact

Equity: Create access to opportunity for everyone

Excellence: Strive for continual learning and growth


Pillars of Success


Pillar of Success

Sample Strategies

Outcome Sought

MACC will foster relationships and social capital between member organizations

Orchestrate member roundtables to collect input on services/programs and develop collaborative strategies

Create and facilitate social opportunities for members to connect with one another

Develop working groups and other opportunities for members to work together on projects and strategy development

Build the trust that makes partnerships and collaborations possible
  Macc will leverage the collective scale of our membership   

Develop a public policy platform and voter engagement strategies that leverage the collective voice of our membership


Identify key opportunities to leverage buying power in IT and other procurement areas

Harness our buying power in the marketplace and for greater influence on issues that members care about 
   MACC will facilitate the development of innovative collaborative strategies among member organizations  

Develop member-wide, member-driven initiatives focused on specific areas of organizational capacity-building that can drive community impact

Further develop infrastructure and organizational capacity to support member-driven initiatives

Drive greater community impact 
   MACC will build and strengthen a platform of shared administrative services  Develop strategic roadmaps for each administrative service providing focus on enhancing the stability, quality, and value of the service Optimize the stability, quality, and value for participating member organizations 
   MACC will sustain the health of the organization     

Build a framework for organizational adoption of values


Optimize MACC’s business model to ensure financial sustainability and member value into the future

Maintain the financial strength and organizational capacity to deliver on our pillars of success 

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