The Hiring Revolution: Continues

The Hiring Revolution: Continues!

Get a jump on your 2023 workforce DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) goals with a mini-retreat from Team Dynamics! This is a practical invitation to all leaders and people managers to unlearn the status-quo hiring practices that are failing both us and candidates, and learn how we can upgrade our approach to DEI and hiring.


 Location: Virtual   Price: Free (for MACC members only)    Dates: NOV 15th 1-3 pm
              DEC 1st 1-3 pm


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The Hiring Revolution Continues: 2023 Workforce DEI Strategies

At this free-to-MACC-members workshop Alfonso Wenker and Trina C. Olsen from Team Dynamics will build on the purposefully tactical approach they introduced at our Member Summit to help us unlock the diverse teams that will accelerate our work. Diversity makes our work stronger, but diverse teams don’t just materialize. We’re excited to welcome back Team Dynamics co-founders and trainers Alfonso Wenker and Trina C. Olson to help us disrupt racism and sexism in hiring so we can consistently build diverse teams. The pull back to 2019 workforce practices is strong, but the forces that pushed us to reimagine our workplaces haven’t disappeared. Going back isn’t an option. We need creative workforce strategies that put equity first to realize our DEI goals.


Two Date Options:

Tuesday, November 15th 1:00-3:00 pm

Thursday, December 1st 1:00-3:00 pm


Free for and only available to MACC members!

What the Team Dynamics mini-retreat will cover:

  • Understand how current workforce trends and shifts intersect with and can be informed by DEI
  • Reflect on the ways racism and sexism show up in our dominant culture and status quo and influence our hiring and onboarding practices.
  • Learn how to notice and name how our own identities and biases can influence our actions and prevent us from making values-aligned decisions
  • Identify your 2023 “Role, Goal and Soul”: What is your role in creating change, what is your change goal, and how will you get there while staying aligned to your values.


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Meet the Team Dyanmics Training Team!


Team Dynamics is a People of Color, woman, and LGBTQ+ owned company.

An interdisciplinary team of adult educators and intercultural capacity building specialists, we create memorable experiences for your staff that make a lasting impact. Our organizational culture experts partner with you through a sequenced series of training and coaching. We provide the side-by-side support you’ll need to learn, problem-solve, and ultimately achieve your goals.

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Trainer: Alfonso Tomas Wenker


Alfonso drives Team Dynamics’ client engagement, working side-by-side with C-Suite executives and internal champions of cultural change efforts. Alfonso Wenker is a seasoned executive leader and facilitator of transformational organizational culture and strategy campaigns. Serving in major leadership roles within the field of philanthropy, Alfonso has been responsible for driving sector and systems wide change to diversify both perspective and personnel in order to better steward resources responsible for underwriting major movements. A Latinx, gay, cis-gender man, Alfonso was born and raised on the west side of Saint Paul, MN, to a Mexican mother and white father. Consequently, Alfonso has often been the ‘first’ or ‘only’ person on a team who is a Person of Color, gay person, or both throughout his career. He has experienced, firsthand, how the attempted diversification in the U.S. workplace has both made strides and done accidental harm. 

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Trainer: Trinia C. Olson


Trina leads Team Dynamics’ curriculum development; concretizing the tools and resources our clients need to thrive. Trina Olson is a two-time executive director with a track record of building and retaining teams across race, gender, and sexual orientation to achieve shared goals. Trina has built an impressive portfolio of national and regional policy and advocacy experience, centering a multitude of progressive issues, including: healthcare, hunger, living wage, immigration reform, transgender inclusive non-discrimination, and more. Trina is an expert adult-educator who has supported teams around the country to both improve their workplace culture and performance. A queer, white, cis-gender woman, Trina is motivated by the ways job creators could be addressing the intersection of identity and workplace more creatively and consistently to address the pervasive inequities still at play across race and gender, in particular. 

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 Location: Virtual   Price: Free (for MACC members only)    Dates: NOV 15th 1-3 pm
              DEC 1st 1-3 pm


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This workshop and MACC’s Workforce Crisis Solutions Strategies are generously supported by the Ameriprise Foundation and Schulze Foundation.



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