Human Resources

MACC provides the expertise of a full human resource team. Our staff can enhance talent development, manage compliance and risk, and support you in meeting human resources challenges head on.

  • Our full service model works with all employees, not just managers, and includes staffing, administration, benefits, and payroll.
  • You will access the power of a team of specialists, not just one primary contact. This reduces risks for your organization and creates consistency in HR support during changes. 
  • Our strong nonprofit knowledge and a focus on social services allows for seamless cultural integration with your organization. 
  • We are experienced in working with culturally diverse organizations and attend staff and management meetings as requested by members to understand your needs.


What members are saying…

"We had never had a Human Resources department or staff prior to integrating this MACC service line to our administrative operations. We needed to learn how to best put the HR services to work for our organization and that required figuring out how to build a relationship between MACC contacts with all staff, not just leadership. They were very receptive to trying new things to build the relationships including regularly participating in staff meetings. I think it has been a learning experience for both the Annex staff and MACC contacts. My time has been freed up to pursue initiatives and opportunities for continued growth." 

Brian Russ, Executive Director

Annex Teen Clinic


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