Through our exceptional facilities management support and leadership, we go above and beyond to manage, bring cost savings, and strengthen efficiency within your organization.

  • The buying power of the collaborative offers great cost efficiency for members.
  • Expertise of our staff and management allows for better risk management - the ability to identify and resolve contract and invoicing issues. Members also gain access to a broad and shared knowledge base.
  • While each of our services are available to members a la carte, many members realize increased efficiency by leveraging finance and information technology due to their complementary relationship to facilities management.
  • We understand the nonprofit environment and the impact lower budgets and less staffing can have on facilities management. We can cater services to meet your individual needs.

What members are saying…

"My team and I are vigilant about the safety of our buildings and office space, for our clients and staff. Working with MACC, we are able to put our minds at ease knowing that the fire inspections and sprinkler inspections are happening regularly as needed. We also benefit from bundling some common agency needs with other nonprofits, such as waste management services. Often times these are the ‘little things’ that many people don’t see or think about. But my staff and I think about these things all the time, and we feel confident knowing that MACC is managing many of these larger pieces in an orderly, concise and cost efficient manner. With their services we don’t have t to worry about some of the more specialized legal and regulatory requirements – we’re able to focus on the work we provide in the community"

Angie Pokharel, Support Services Manager

The Family Partnership


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