Social Enterprise

What is nonprofit Social Enterprise?

Nonprofit social enterprises are nonprofit organizations that sell a product or service that directly addresses a social need. They're nonprofits that advance their social mission through market-based strategies.

They work to address unmet community needs and support the nonprofit's mission, while creating the potential for funding from earned income - they combine their social purpose with business strategies to maximize their impact.

Purpose + Business = Impact


Our Social Enterprise Network


MACC's work in social enterprise grew out of our members' desire to explore social enterprise's potential as a driver of economic opportunity and source of sustainable funding.

Together our members created MACC's Social Enterprise Network, a powerful collaborative platform of shared resources, expertise, and learning. A platform to create new possibilities for our members to grow their social ventures and maximize their community impact.

Our goal is to create a Social Enterprise development ecosystem as a path for our members to invest in their financial sustainability and create economic opportunity in their communities. 

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Our Model

We meet our members where they are: some just beginning to explore a bold new idea, others with thriving enterprises ready to take them to the next level. We help our members build the capacity they need to create, grow and sustain healthy social ventures.


Collaborative Cohorts 

Shared Learning 




Members learn from and support one another as they build their capacity as leaders in the field  Connecting members to critical knowledge and skill building opportunities through learning series and events  Partnering MACC entrepreneurs with experienced, nonprofit, social enterprise leaders A collaborative data and evaluation platform means informed business decisions and performance indicators that emphasize total community impact   Small seed grants fund member business projects helping develop their ideas, and grow and scale their enterprises


We're focused on developing our network's collective social enterprise knowledge, skills, and leadership. Our scale means we can connect our members to resources and expertise they couldn't access on their own. We're able to tap the experts within our network, as well as entrepreneurs in the broader social enterprise field to offer training and shared learning opportunities that connect MACC social entrepreneurs with a supportive network where they can grow and thrive.

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