COVID-19 Resource Archive

Updated: 05/22/2020

MACC Newtork COVID-19 Resource Hub - Archive

Resource hub for MACC network members and nonprofit human-serving organizations.

Below are some resources, grouped by focus area, to help you think through policies you might consider to help ensure your community, staff, and organization are prepared and safe.

  1. Past Webinars/Online Events
  2. Past Legislation & General Updates
  3. Temporary or Emergency Funding Resources
  4. Continuity of Operations Resources
  5. Staff Impact Resources



Previous Webinars, Recordings, Slides, Resources:

Below is a list of previous webinars or other online conversations about COVID-19 response. 

MACC Zooms In: Session Archive

We Good? Virtual Town Hall Series - African American Leadership Forum

  • Virtual Town Hall Series - home page, view past sessions of AALF's virtual town halls about COVID-19, the impact on the Black community, and racism and the impact of George Floyd's murder

Nonprofit Finance Fund

  • Webinar Archive Page - page with recordings, and slide decks, and resources from all of NFF"s webinars specifically on nonprofit COVID-19 response: budgeting, financial crisis planning, forcasting, etc.

Nonprofit Quarterly

  • Webinars Page - archive page with recordings of all of Nonprofit Quarterly's webinars

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

  • Webinars + Resources page - MCN's COVID-19 resource page includes recordings of their recent COVID-19 related webinars as well as their weekly/bi-weekly calls with state leadership.


General Awareness and Information: 

Subscribe to or bookmark reliable sources so you can stay up to date on outbreak details and find information and recommendations on what actions to take.

  • Legislative Updates



Temporary or Emergency Funding Opportunities:

Philanthropy and government funders are making some opportunities available for funding or other supports to help nonprofits respond to and support their communities through this crisis:


Continuity of Operations and Community Impact:

Help inform your community, provide reliable, accurate information, and ensure that you can continue to provide necessary resources during a time of potential increased demand – and definite stress and disruption.


Staff Impact

Help inform your staff and provide them with the resources and information they need to continue being effective in their day to day roles while managing the disruption of this outbreak.

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